Yi-Ting Tu

Ray Optics Simulation (2010–Present)

A web app (since 2016) for creating and simulating 2D geometric optical scenes, with a web gallery (since 2022) of interactive optics demos.

See here for the list of contributors.

A tool for using LaTeX on Android (2020)

Adding SyncTeX support to a PDF viewer on Android, compatible with vim on Termux, a Linux terminal on Android. Useful when working with a phone and a Bluetooth keyboard.

A vest to help people with visual impairment (2018)

In a hackathon, my friends and I designed and completed the prototype of a vest that recognizes the objects around the person with AI, and informs the person by different patterns/positions of vibrations.

Teammates: Lo-Chen Cheng, Vincent Fan, Yueh Han Huang

3D printable fractal (2016)

Designing the unit cell of the Sierpinski octahedron such that the horizontal cross-sections are simple closed curves that change continuously with height. This makes the fractal (half of it, actually) perfectly 3D printable with spiral mode (single-wall without infill).

An interactive artwork based on Kinect (2015)

Using the skeletal tracking feature of Kinect, along with several physics simulation techniques, my friends and I created an interactive artwork that mimics a scene from Avatar. This was used as part of the decorations for my friends' high school graduation ceremony. (I was a homeschool student then, so no ceremony for me, unfortunately.)

Collaborators: Vincent Fan, Lo-Chen Cheng